Admission Criteria and Process


Admission to Seattle Country Day School is based on a variety of criteria. The Admissions Committee makes every effort to accept children whom we believe will thrive in this special learning environment.

We look for evidence of the following characteristics: 
  • Intellectual energy and curiosity
  • Independent thought and depth of ideas
  • Creativity in the child's approach to problem solving
  • Interest in multidimensional structure of objects, ideas, and relationships
  • Divergent thinking and a fascination with novelty
  • Intellectual need for the differentiated SCDS program
  • Social skills and emotional maturity
  • Citizenship and character 
In addition, the Admissions Committee may takeinto consideration other factors, including:
  • Diversity
  • Gender balance in each class
  • Sibling and alum status

Seattle Country Day

2619 4th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-284-6220 

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