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All applicants are required to take the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (the WISC V or WPPSI-IV, depending on the child's age). To apply to SCDS, a child's full scale score must be in the top three percent.

This Wechsler test does not measure achievement but is rather one measure of a child’s general cognitive abilities and breadth of knowledge. It is useful as an indicator of a child’s potential for success at our school. Although the test can be administered to younger children, we recommend that parents wait until a child is 4 1/2 years old to be tested.

The following list includes the psychologists whom our applicants have most often used. Their individual fees vary. Children may be tested only once in a six to eight month period.


  • Associates in Behavior and Child Development 206-361-6884 abcdseattle.com
  • Dr. Belle Chenault 206-465-8068 bellechenault.com
  • Dr. Carol Cole 206-324-4500
  • Dr. Dana Harmon 206-283-5250
  • Dr. Yumi Hiraga 206-729-2829, ext 3 arboretumpsych.com
  • Dr. Karen Pavlidis 206-729-2829, ext 4 arboretumpsych.com
  • Dr. Christine Mielenz 206-330-1511
  • Dr. Fred Provenzano 206-361-2343
  • Dr. Bryan Robison, 206-550-9736
  • Dr. Amy Summers 206-522-4104 amysummersphd.com
  • Dr. Debra Vilhauer 206-270-8805
  • Dr. Valerie Wall 206-325-5700


  • Dr. Steven Katz 425-688-7675
  • Dr. Kristi Kwon 425-635-0665
  • Dr. Patricia Oppenheim 425-562-1515
  • Dr. Gail Rosenberg 425-821-8235

Bainbridge Island


  • Dr. Kathi Jackson 425-374-7225
Seattle Country Day

2619 4th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-284-6220 

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