Dear Teachers,

We appreciate your support of our admissions process. When submitting a teacher evaluation for your students please choose one of the following methods using the downloadable forms below:

Upload the Form or Email

  1. Click on the "fillable" link (above) for the appropriate applicant grade level.
  2. Save the form as a PDF and rename it with the student last name (comma) teacher last name.
  3. Complete the form and save again.
  4. You can then upload the teacher evaluation to our website or email the form to

Print and Mail

  1. Print and complete the form.
  2. Then mail it to Seattle Country Day School, 2619 4th Avenue N, Seattle, Washington 98109.

For questions, contact


Seattle Country Day

2619 4th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-284-6220 

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