Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


SCDS actively seeks to increase the breadth of racial and socioeconomic diversity and inclusion in our entire community: the gifted children at the center of a dynamic learning process, their families, and our faculty, staff, and board of trustees. In order to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community at Seattle Country Day School, we have incorporated DEI into all our work, from strategic planning, to curriculum, to parent programs. You can find the board of trustees’ full statement on diversity here, or after the DEI-related program highlights listed below.


With a planning process begun in 2019, SCDS is implementing a multi-year strategic plan. This plan, called SCDS Next, focuses on two interconnected priorities: retaining and attracting excellent faculty, especially faculty of color, and increasing the racial and socioeconomic diversity and inclusivity of our school. 


The Synapse program, for grades K–8, combines concepts related to social and emotional learning (SEL) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Synapse educates children in four foundational SEL ideas: self-knowledge or self-awareness, social relationships, celebration of self-identity and others’ identities, and social awareness. Read more about Synapse, here.


The school partners with the Pacific Education Group (PEG), a racial equity organization based in San Francisco that works with our families, faculty, and students to help them engage, sustain, and deepen conversations about race. Specifically, SCDS offers the group's Courageous Conversation seminar yearly to employees, parents, and Middle School students. Through Courageous Conversation, the SCDS community develops its own racial literacy and consciousness, and examines the impact of race on the lived experience of people of color in the U.S. — allowing for better conversations about race and racism. In support of SCDS Next, we ask new families to participate in a Courageous Conversation workshop during their first two years at SCDS. Similarly, we ask returning families who have not already taken part in a Courageous Conversation workshop to set aside time to do so. In both cases, we ask that at least one parent or guardian (preferably both) take part in the conversation. Parent participation is central to our goal of becoming a more culturally aware and inclusive community.


What does DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) look like in SCDS’s classrooms? How can we help students establish a healthy sense of pride in their identities? What does celebrating differences really mean? These and similar topics are the subjects discussed at Cafecito & Conversation, a series designed for parents interested in providing at-home support for the DEI-related concepts their students explore at school.


RIPPLES (Race in Parenting Learning Circles) is a parent-led group at SCDS, founded in 2020, whose mission is to facilitate open, honest conversations among parents about race and racial equity — both to promote their own understanding and to keep pace with what their children are learning at school and from a rapidly changing society. Sometimes, these conversations center around a shared resource, such as a book or article; others are informed by the exchange of ideas. Central to all RIPPLES discussions is the participants’ willingness to share their lived experiences, to accept hard truths, and to truly listen. Ultimately, RIPPLES aims to create ripples of reflection and growth in the school community by encouraging all parents to join in these enriching, growth-oriented, and deeply connective conversations. For more information, watch this brief video, explore RIPPLES’ online FAQ, or contact ripplesinformation@gmail.com.


SCDS offers a series of stand-alone parent workshops called Decoding the Language of Today's Social Activism. Through the exploration of the history and meaning of terms such as "Black lives matter," "white privilege," and others that are widely used by social activists, the media, and popular culture, the workshops provide the context needed to develop culturally competent communication and parenting. These monthly workshops also deepen participants' understanding of the issues that have moved many in our country to work for racial equity and social change.  


Affirmed and updated by the SCDS Board of Trustees on January 28, 2020

SCDS actively seeks to increase the breadth of diversity and inclusion in our entire community: the gifted children at the center of a dynamic learning process, their families, and our faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees. We aspire to include a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives; to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of differences; and to cultivate diverse thinking essential for creative problem-solving.

We recognize that diversity encompasses all socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds, family structures, gender and sexual identifications, and religious communities. In the spirit of true inquiry, we embrace this journey as an essential learning opportunity.                      

We affirm our belief that increasing and sustaining diversity and inclusiveness helps us to fulfill our mission of inspiring gifted children to reach their potential through inquiry, curiosity, and wonder. In support of our mission, we believe in continually examining all aspects of our school, including our curriculum, hiring practices, admissions procedures, communications, outreach, and professional development.

We pledge to attract, embrace, and support a diverse community; to foster an environment of authenticity and inclusion; to empower compassionate problem-solvers and risk-takers; and to inspire one another to better the world for all.



SCDS is one of the co-founders of POCIS (People of Color in Independent Schools) Seattle. POCIS Seattle is a consortium of independent schools in the Northwest that helps people of color — students, families, and school employees — thrive in these schools. By helping found POCIS Seattle, SCDS is helping ensure that people of color have the resources to reach their highest potential, both academically and professionally. Visit POCIS Seattle’s online hub, which lists events, jobs, and other useful resources.

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