Faculty & Staff

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Our faculty—many of whom have honed their skills for over a decade at SCDS—have an aptitude for teaching and an extraordinary understanding of gifted children. They set the stage, posing questions and prompting explorations, then step back to allow students to inquire and discover on their own.

Our administrative team members also provide a network of support, from managing daily operations to advancing the school's mission. Our community models what it teaches: collaboration with others, creative problem solving, and asking, "What can I do next?" 

Lower School Faculty

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Renee Perrine

Titles: Grade 2 Associate Teacher

Carlo Sinagra

Titles: Grade 1 Teacher

Joanne Sobieck-Lingg

Titles: Library/Media Specialist

Hanna Wingate

Titles: Grade 1 Associate Teacher

Intermediate School Faculty

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Middle School Faculty

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Administrative Team

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Melynda Warner

Titles: Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Lucas Wilson

Titles: Extended Day Instructor

Lawrence Witkowski

Titles: Operations Assistant

Liane Yuh

Titles: Chief Financial Officer and Director of Financial Aid

Kimberly A. Zaidberg

Titles: Head of School