Intermediate School

We believe that gifted children in this age group benefit tremendously from a variety of teachers who are experts in their disciplines. As a result, the program model changes from the Lower School self-contained classroom model to single-subject instruction in the Intermediate School.

Specialists in each subject teach grades 4-5, allowing students to form relationships with those closely tied to their areas of study. Across all subjects, methods of teaching emphasize inductive and deductive reasoning, a growing ability to plan strategically, and increased efficiency. The Intermediate School builds upon social and emotional learning, language arts, mathematics, and foreign language skills developed in the Lower School. Core subjects for grades 4-5 include language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, library, technology, art, band, drama, Spanish, Mandarin, and physical education. Fourth and fifth graders are also introduced to overnight field trips, an even more robust service learning program, and the opportunity to design and build rigs for our highly anticipated Engineering Event in the fall.

We believe the variety of programs in the Intermediate School not only enhances learning and productivity, but cultivates scholarly minds and compassionate individuals.

Intermediate school student at SCDS prepares a rig.
Intermediate school student at SCDS reads from his school book.
Intermediate student from SCDS wearing school jersey while running track.
Students in the intermediate collaborating during an activity.