Learning Support

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants provide additional, ongoing support for our students, both academically and emotionally. Every morning and afternoon, you will see our teaching assistants greeting and saying farewell to all students, asking about their day, and playing games. These faculty members monitor lunch and recess for grades 4–8, and become a trusted, familiar face in the schoolhouse, using social and emotional tools students are familiar with to help resolve conflicts. They also work independently with students who need additional support in any given area.

Associate Teachers

Associate teachers are an integral part of the Lower School learning experience. Associate teachers are assigned to a lead teacher in each grade and work closely with the lead teacher to provide differentiation, enrichment, and academic and personal support for our students. Associate teachers are committed to a teaching career and many have their bachelor's degree in education. In addition to establishing positive relationships with students and parents, associate teachers also provide lunch and recess supervision, further building connections with all students.


Co-teachers share classroom goals and decisions, and they have joint responsibility for their students. They partner in planning, organization, delivery, and assessment of instruction throughout the year. Co-teaching increases the teacher-to-student ratio, and co-teachers can provide enhanced one-on-one and small-group support for students, differentiating instruction (based on the needs of students) through varying instructional practices.

Teaching and Learning Specialists

Our director of teaching and learning enables SCDS to continue providing a high-quality, inquiry-based education. The director trains and mentors new faculty, supports seasoned teachers, oversees the learning support program, and facilitates a recursive review of the curriculum to ensure curricular alignment and efficacy.

Our full-time learning specialist provides academic support to students while collaborating with teachers, parents, and external resources. Our learning specialist is experienced in serving students with diverse learning styles and offers remedial and intervention services and interprets psycho-educational reports.

Our Lower School math and science specialists provide academic enrichment for our K–3 students. Working closely with our Lower School lead teachers, our specialists provide opportunities for our students to delve even deeper into math and science concepts and hands-on explorations.

Close up of student art work from Seattle Country Day.