Lessons Outside the Classroom

Service Learning and Outreach


SCDS's Service Learning program strives to foster a life-long commitment to service and outreach. We have partnered with organizations such as City Fruit, The Sophia Way, Food Lifeline, and Aegis Living, which have inspired students to see themselves as agents of positive change. Three of our faculty members also serve as Service Learning and Outreach Coordinators to form new partnerships and implement service learning into curriculum across all divisions. 

To learn more about our service learning programs, please visit out Service Learning Blog



Winterim is an SCDS tradition more than 30 years in the making. Over six Fridays during January and February, the entire student body, faculty, parents—and for one Friday, our alumni—hit the slopes.

We believe learning to ski reinforces the belief that bodies in motion make for better minds. Whether it's downhill or cross-country, skiing helps children build confidence and self-reliance by honing a physical skill. They are able to enjoy community in the beauty of nature, learn the importance of fitness, and overcome challenges.

SCDS also offers an Ice Skating and an Art Program for students who choose to stay on campus each Friday.

Field Trips


Leaving the classroom and spending time in the wider community is an integral part of the SCDS experience. For our Lower and Intermediate School students, trips include seeing plays at Seattle Children's Theatre, applying scientific inquiry at the zoo, understanding economics at Pike Place Market, and working together at the North Station Recycling Center. 

Class Trips


Middle School students also take Class Trips, which have previously included visits to Boston, Italy, London, and Vietnam. These shared experiences solidify the lessons incorporated into the classroom and culminate their year with memories that will last for a lifetime.

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Class Trips by Grade Level

Grade 4: Camp Burton with Doc O

On this trip, grade 4 students join beloved science teacher Doc O on a trip to Camp Burton on Vashon Island. They see firsthand how lessons learned in the classroom apply to the environment, learn how to start a campfire, and play team-building games. 

Grade 5: Victoria, BC

Each year, grade 5 students take The Clipper to Victoria, BC where they visit the Butchart Gardens and the parliament building as part of their social studies unit, Our Neighbors to the North. 

Grade 6: Ashland, OR

Here, grade 6 students attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, participate in theater workshops, and go white water rafting. 

Grade 7: American History

Each year, grade 7 students and faculty members take a national trip related to American History lessons they've been learning in the classroom. Past trips have included Boston and the southern United States. You can read more about last year's trip on Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher Mr. Tchen's blog here

Grade 8: International Capstone Trip

Each year, grade 8 students have the opportunity to travel internationally to connect their lessons in service learning, humanities, art, music, and more in a place far from home. Past trips have included Vietnam, London, and Italy.