Lower School

Our Lower School builds a foundation for constructive learning habits, both academically and socially. Academically, emphasis on conceptual understanding is valued. Our classes allow for the expansion of topics into meaningful interdisciplinary experiences, developing students' critical-thinking abilities and problem-solving strategies.

Lower School teachers recognize that children are spontaneous, active, and highly curious. While honoring each child’s curiosity, students are given assistance to develop and apply skills that demonstrate understanding, respect, and self-confidence. Emphasis is placed on horizontal enrichment designed to broaden conceptual understanding rather than on vertical acceleration. When children are ready to take academic, creative and/or cognitive leaps, they find the support and encouragement they need.

We also view the social growth of students as important as their academic development. This is seen through the discrete teaching of social and emotional skills throughout our curriculum and the Social and Emotional Learning program (SEL). Students learn to become responsible for their behavior, cooperate as members of a group, and show empathy for others both in the school house and in the surrounding world.

Lower School students have a homeroom teacher who provides reading, writing, math, social studies, and science instruction, as well as a math and science specialist who further enrich their studies. In addition, the Lower School offers classes taught by specialists in the areas of art, music, technology, physical education, health, Spanish, Mandarin, and library/information services.

Second grader from Seattle Country Day School smiling at her desk.
Lower School student from SCDS making a coil pot in art class.
Lower school student at SCDS uses magnifying glass to examine his fingerprint.