Technology and Arts



Our technology program engages students deeply in the exploration of digital media, mechanical principles, electronics, engineering, robotics, 3-D modeling, laser cutting, visual design, and programming. Children learn through inquiry and apply their knowledge, both collaboratively and individually, through unique projects that allow them to explore, experiment, and apply their creativity.   

Whether it's programming their own interactive game or solving a design problem with the 3-D printer, my students learn to trust their ideas, see mistakes as opportunities, and correlate effort with achievement. This does not just make them successful in my class; it makes them successful in life. Ms. Lewis, Grades 4-5 Technology Teacher




Our arts program also emphasizes the process over product. Students are challenged to experiment, take risks, and develop a strong, creative voice when working with a range of media including ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, collaborative installation, collage, and printmaking. The arts curriculum also offers opportunities for students to make connections to other content areas, take class trips, and learn about well-known artists with a goal to deepen understanding of themselves and others. In each division, the arts program develops artistic habits, problem-solving skills, persistence, self-reflection, and confidence when sharing ideas and work.

SCDS students are so diverse in the ways they think and dream. Making art with them is such a joy and surprise because they are so full of wonder and endless possibilities. Grades K3 Art Teacher

Lower school student working on a computer during technology class.