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Accessibility Statement

Commitment to Accessibility
Seattle Country Day School is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for everyone, including people with disabilities. We affirm our belief that increasing and sustaining diversity and inclusiveness helps us to fulfill our mission of inspiring gifted children to reach their potential through inquiry, curiosity and wonder. The School is committed to removing barriers to education and ensuring that all individuals, including those with disabilities, have access to the School’s website, educational materials and services. This commitment is maintained in accordance with applicable law.

Accessibility Website Features
The School recognizes that an accessible information technology environment enhances the usability of its website, educational materials and services. Accordingly, we are continually improving our website user experience for everyone. The School takes the following measures, among others, to ensure the accessibility of our website:

  • Alternative text for non-decorative image
  • Appropriate color contrast between text and background elements
  • Closed captions for videos with dialogue
  • Logical tabbing sequence for keyboard-driven or screen reader navigation
  • Remediation of recent PDF documents
  • Assigning a staff member to monitor accessibility

Accessibility Commitments
To achieve our goal of accessibility, the School is committed to the following:

  • The School aims to conform with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (the “WCAG”) 2.0 AA published by World Wide Web Consortium (the “Guidelines”). The School monitors the WCAG on an ongoing basis for updates and changes to the Guidelines.
  • The School manages an email alias ( and support phone number 206-284-6220 where incoming accessibility requests and support tickets are promptly addressed. Should you experience any difficulty in accessing the School’s website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • The School regularly assesses and tests its website for accessibility. The School works with Finalsite, a global provider and leader in school-related accessibility for these assessments by using accessibility tools such as WAVE (a suite of evaluation tools that helps authors make their web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities) and Pope Tech (a family company whose mission is to significantly improve web accessibility for as many people as possible by empowering web creators in making websites accessible to people with disabilities), in addition to manual testing.
  • The School recognizes that information technology is a dynamic field and its accessibility commitments will be updated as necessary as technology and accessibility-related issues evolve.

The School spends extensive time and resources on making improvements to its website, platform, and education program. We welcome and encourage your feedback on the accessibility of Seattle Country Day School’s website. You may contact us at:

To request additional disability-related accommodations related to the School’s website, educational materials and/or services, please contact the Director of Admissions and/or support phone number 206-284-6220. As part of its ongoing commitment to excellent student service, the School will endeavor to accommodate all such requests (except when the accommodation would impose an undue burden to the School or where the requested accommodation would constitute a fundamental alteration to the nature of the School program, service, or activity at issue) and will always do so where legally required. Accommodations will be made in a timely manner and on an individualized and flexible basis.

We aim to respond to accessibility feedback and requests for support promptly. If you do not receive a timely or satisfactory response to your request for support please call 206-284-6220.

Limitations and Alternatives
Despite our best efforts to ensure the accessibility of Seattle Country Day School’s website, there may be some limitations with third party materials. For example, hyperlinks to third party sites that we do not control and PDFs that are owned by third parties may not fully comply with WCAG-2.0 AA standards. We cannot always control or correct problems with these materials, but please let us know if you encounter difficulty while using them, and we can pass this information along to the owners of these websites and materials.

Formal Approval
This Accessibility Statement is approved by Seattle Country Day School as of July 2, 2020.