Summer 2016


August 2016


Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 22
Alumni Agent Kickoff
5:30-7:30 p.m., at Tutta Bella


Tuesday, October 6
» Alumni Council Meeting


Tuesday, November 22
» Engineering Event
10:00 a.m., SCDS Gym 


Friday, November 25
» Alumni Turkey Scramble
Join us for some post-holiday Ultimate fun! 


Friday, January 27
» Winterim with Alumni


Saturday, January 28 
» Grades 6-8
Debate Tournament


Saturday, February 11
» SCDS Chess Tournament

Thursday, April 13
» Voices III Day


Saturday, June 3
» Crazy Carnival
11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.




Welcome to the first issue of the Wildcat Tracks eNewsletter. SCDS is launching this quarterly publication to help you stay more closely connected with SCDS and with each other. We hope this helps to keep you apprised of exciting happenings around campus and beyond! 

LAST CHANCE: Alumni Student Survey


Have you taken the SCDS alumni survey? Don't delay because the deadline to submit is TODAY! Your input is essential as we look toward the future of the SCDS Alumni Association.

Class Agents

1981    Anastacia (Sims) Dillon


1983    Rudy Gadre
            Jason Froggatt 


1985    Karim Lessard
            Wendy McDermott


1988    Carolyn Holtzen


1989    Lisa (Narodick) Colton


1990    Sarah Leung


1991    Catherine


1993    Josh Donion


2000    Sam Fisher
            Emily Hamilton


2001    Laurel Stewart


2005    Matthew Bateman
            Devon Thorsell


2012    Emma Gautier 


2013    Emily Jordan
            Emma Engle


2014    Emmy Hunt
            Cole Graham


2015    Emme McMullen



















Call for Class Notes

Work on the Fall 2016 issue of Kinetics is already underway! Each issue of the magazine is not complete without your amazing updates, so let us know what innovative projects you're working on, where you have recently traveled, what organizations you are/will be volunteering at, what companies you are/will be interning at, athletic achievements, artistic achievements, and everything in between.


The deadline for Class Notes submissions is September 15, 2016. Send your updates and photos to today!

Class Agents Keep You Connected!

Class Agents play a vital role in the SCDS Alumni Association by reconnecting alums to their peers as well as to the school. We want to extend a warm welcome to our newest Class Agents, Matthew Bateman and Devon Thorsell from the Class of 2005.


Reach out to a Class Agent for the latest updates on events, plugging in via social media, networking, and more. 


Don't see your class year? Consider becoming a SCDS Class Agent today! Email alumni@seattlecountryday with any questions.

Guest Speakers Wanted


We love it when alums come back to visit and share with faculty, staff, and current SCDS students.

if you would like to inspire SCDS students this 2016-17 school year, please email us what you might like to present/speak about and how you would like to be involved!

Seattle Country Day School
2619 4th Avenue N
Seattle, WA  98109