February 2017



Ed Petersen, '85 is an SCDS alumnus, a member of the SCDS Alumni Council, a current SCDS parent, and started his own company called Wrench. "I started Wrench with my fellow co-founders to remove the hassle of car ownership," Petersen said.


Wrench is a full-service auto shop without the actual 'shop', offering everything from brake jobs and tune ups, to oil changes. "Startup companies are fast paced and fun, but extremely challenging. The passion to pursue a unique idea coupled with a constant thirst to learn are the most important things to get started," Petersen explained. "The building block of any startup is inquiry-based learning. At SCDS you learn how this process works at a young age and, most importantly, you learn to enjoy it."

Upcoming Events 



Thursday, March 9
International Night
6:00-8:30 p.m.,
SCDS Campus


Tuesday, March 14
» Diversity Book Discussion
Facilitated by SCDS teachers Joe Tchen & Annie Kim

Book: Just Mercy
8:30 a.m., SCDS Campus
RSVP here!


Thursday, May 11 &
Friday, May 12
Spring Speaker Series

Times TBD, SCDS Campus


Saturday, June 3
» Crazy Carnival
11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.,
SCDS Campus


Time to Reconnect! 


Sign up on our Alumni Student Directory to reconnect with classmates! Already signed up on the Directory? Take a moment to log in and make sure your information is up-to-date.


Questions about the Alumni Student Directory? Email SCDS's Communications Coordinator, Sheena McFerran.

Doc O Imparts Far-Reaching Wisdom

You may, like many Wildcat alums, remember a teacher in a white lab coat teaching about the wonders of science. She may have told you that "all science is based on a sugar cube" or reminded you to "never trust a science teacher." 


Dr. Meredith Olson, or 'Doc O' as she is lovingly referred to on-campus, is a fixture in the fabric of SCDS. Did you know that Doc O has published a set of books with the intention of allowing alum students a peek behind the wizard's curtain? "These books are a review of the lessons many alumni have experienced coupled with explanations about why lessons were crafted that way," Doc O said.


The book series is called Raising Interesting People and can be viewed online here. There are currently four books in the collection and Doc O intends to add more. "When I started writing these books, I wanted to see if I could capture my daily thoughts as to why I lead the orchestra this way; and how I know when it works and when it doesn't," Doc O said. We hope you will join us and dive into Doc O's books or have her sign your copy when you come back to visit campus next!

Share Class Notes for Kinetics!

Class Agents

1981    Anastacia (Sims) Dillon


1983    Rudy Gadre
            Jason Froggatt 


1985    Karim Lessard
            Wendy McDermott


1988    Carolyn Holtzen


1989    Lisa (Narodick) Colton


1990    Sarah Leung


1991    Catherine


1993    Josh Donion


2000    Sam Fisher
            Emily Hamilton


2001    Laurel Stewart


2005    Matthew Bateman
            Devon Thorsell


2012    Emma Gautier 


2013    Emily Jordan
            Emma Engle


2014    Emmy Hunt
            Cole Graham


2015    Emme McMullen



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Class Agents serve as ambassadors between their classmates and the school, serving as a conduit for increased engagement and communications.


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Alumni Winterim Day Slideshow

Mr. Murphy Playing Pickleball

SCDS Service Day

You've all navigated through life after SCDS in different ways: unique stories to tell, adventures both near and far, and milestones to share. Engage with the vibrant alum community and join the conversation!


SCDS is preparing to print the Spring 2017 issue of Kinetics and we would love your news updates and photos by February 24, 2017.


See below for an example from this past Fall 2016.


Spring Speaker Series Excitement


We will host a few alumni on campus this May 11-12 to inspire SCDS parents and current students.


We're ALWAYS looking for alumni guest speakers so please contact us if you're interested!

Alum Judges Wanted for Future
SCDS Debate Tournaments


SCDS participates in three debates annually in October, December, and January. At our most recent tournament, we were fortunate to have some alumni—Leela Berman, '15 (pictured above, middle); Grady Short, '15 (pictured above, left); Alex O'Brien, '15 (pictured above, right); Noah Franklin, '13 (not pictured); and Sienna Axe, '14 (not pictured)—join the judging panel and it was delightful! So much so that we would love for this to be a regular occurrence.


Please contact Grades 6-8 Language Arts Teacher and Debate Coach Brian Crawford if you are interested in judging in the fall of 2017.


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Seattle, WA  98109