February 2018

New Alumni Blog is LIVE!

We are excited to introduce the new alumni blog, "A Circuitous Path". Inquiry-based approaches to learning and experiencing life can be messy and take us to places we
never anticipated.


Learn how fellow alums have circuitously ended up where they are now. The first post is by Class of 1989 alumna, current parent, and current SCDS Trustee Lisa (Narodick) Colton. It was through her reflections during this past summer's SCDS Alumni Council Retreat that the idea for "A Circuitous Path" was born. Thank you Lisa!

Upcoming Events 

March 3, 2018
»SCDS In Bloom Auction

RSVP by Feb. 8 (21+ only)


March 8, 2018
»Alumni Council Meeting
8:30 a.m., MPR North


March 24, 2018
»Adopt-a-Street Cleanup
9:00-10:30 a.m., Main Office

RSVP here!


April 5, 2018
»SCDS Spring Concert
7:00 p.m., Seattle First
Baptist Church


April 11, 2018
»SCDS K-8 Arts Walk
3:00-5:00 p.m., On Campus


April 12, 2018
»Alumni Council Meeting
8:30 a.m., MPR North


May 3, 2018

»Mr. Murphy
Retirement Celebration

5:30-7:30 p.m., SCDS Gym
RSVP here!


May 4, 2018

»Alumni Speaker Panel

More details coming soon

Become a Class Agent 

Class Agents serve as ambassadors between their classmates and the school; serving as a conduit for increased engagement and communications.


Inquire about becoming a class agent today!


Nov. 2017: Engineering Event


Jan. 2018: Alumni Winterim Day

Class Notes Needed for Kinetics!

You have all navigated through life after SCDS in different ways— unique stories to tell, adventures both near and far, and milestones to share. SCDS is preparing the Spring 2018 issue of Kinetics and we would love your news updates and photos by March 1, 2018.

Class Agents

1981    Anastacia (Sims) Dillon


1983    Jason Froggatt 


1985    Karim Lessard
            Wendy McDermott


1988    Carolyn Holtzen


1989    Lisa (Narodick) Colton


1990    Sarah Leung


1991    Catherine


1993    Josh Donion


1996    Chris Loeffler


2000    Sam Fisher
            Emily Hamilton


2001    Laurel Stewart


2005    Devon Thorsell


2012    Emma Gautier 


2013    Emily Jordan
            Emma Engle


2014    Emmy Hunt
            Cole Graham


2015    Emme McMullen

            Hayden Ratliff

2016    Nathan Burke

            Suzanna Graham

            Jane Lord-Krause

2017    Tamarin Camp
            Blakey Weld


SCDS Staffing Updates

Grade 5 Teacher Jane Hesslein, Grade 3 Teacher Duffy Lord, and Middle School Technology Teacher Vickie O'Keefe have made a decision to leave SCDS effective this summer 2018. We will certainly recognize their contributions later this spring.

Do you have fond memories of these teachers? Let us know!


Doc O's Latest Books Are Available

Owning all of Doc O's books will look great on your bookshelf and will bring back nostalgic memories of the SCDS science classroom. View more about her newest pair of books here!


Check Out the Service Learning Blog!


SCDS started a Service Learning blog this year and it has been wonderful to highlight such an important part of SCDS education.


This is a space where we share photos, reflections, and all things community service in the journey of an SCDS student.

Click here to visit the blog.

Questions about SCDS's Alumni Program?
Email Alumni Council President, Karim Lessard or your Class Agent.