Life After SCDS

An SCDS education doesn't stop in 8th grade. It continues to propel our students along the path of their choosing, through high school, college and well beyond. Seattle Country Day School alumni use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to find their own way in the world and make a meaningful contribution. Click above to read how a foundation in inquiry-based learning contributes to just some of the work our alumni accomplish and the joys they discover. 

Regardless of where our students end up, we welcome them back to campus to reunite with fellow classmates, visit teachers, and tour the grounds. Most importantly, we urge alumni to stay connected with one another!

SCDS alumni are very much a part of the community through their involvement as Board members, Class Agents, Alumni Council members, and guest speakers. Learn more about our alumni community and how you can get involved by emailing the Advancement Office.