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'Blown Away' by Mini Engineering Event for Grades K-3
Posted 05/03/2017 02:40PM

Beginning April 24 during Lower School Tech Time, kindergarten and 1st grade students delved into a Mini Engineering Event (The "WIND"-gineering Blowout!). Kindergarten and 1st grade students started imagining, building, and modifying towers to withstand wind while students in grades 2-3 created propellers to capture wind and raise weight. In order to test these projects with wind, a wind tunnel was created in the Lower School Tech Lab and will be set up through the end of the event on May 5!

This is the first attempt at a mini-engineering event for grades K-3. "The project allows students to design, build, and test multiple prototypes as they constantly improve upon their designs," Grade K-3 Technology Teacher Alice Baggett explained. "As students test their models and analyze what worked well and what didn't, they grow their understanding of how to use the knowledge gained to move forward and make progress with their next designs." Learning how to learn like this sets students up for success in a wide variety of realms both immediately and in the future.

"Giving kids an opportunity to fail by designing a learning experience where they most certainly will fail, helps normalize the idea that taking risks and experiencing disappointment is just part of what learning is. Giving young learners a chance to use their boundless imaginations to keep iterating until they make something that improves on a previous design is magic," Baggett said.

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