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SCDS Debate Team Wins 1st Place at Tournament
Posted 12/14/2017 01:06PM

On Saturday December 9, 2017 middle school students from Seattle Country Day's Debate Club traveled to Open Window School to participate in the second Debate Tournament of the year. At the end of the tournament, SCDS's Debate Team won 1st place overall with 8th grader Avi B. achieving 3rd place speaker overall, and 8th grader Andrew S. claiming 7th place speaker overall. Why does their coach and SCDS Grades 6-8 Language Arts and Drama Teacher think SCDS was so successful at this tournament? "[The students displayed] strong teamwork and preparation; excellent listening and refutation of the other team's points; and clear arguments with specific examples."

"[In SCDS's Debate Club,] students are taught to continually question premises and arguments. They are trained in supporting their ideas with reasoning and specific evidence," Crawford further explained. "They are also highly adept at identifying flaws in others' arguments."

With Winter Break only days away, students on the team will have time rest and refresh before diving into preparation for the Final Debate Tournament set for January 27, 2018. The 2017-18 SCDS Debate Team includes: 8th grader Abby A., 7th grader Ava B., 8th grader Avi B., 7th grader Sebastian B., 7th grader Kyle C., 8th grader Quinn E., 7th grader Advik E., 7th grader Theo H., 8th grader Zach H., 7th grader Nina K., 8th grader Jack L., 7th grader Jack L. 7th grader Julian L., 7th grader Olivia R., 8th grader Andrew S., 8th grader Owen S., 7th grader Nicholas T., 8th grader Elena W., 8th grader Holt W., and 8th grader Amanda W.

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