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Grade 6 Students Tackle Research in Creative Fashion
Posted 06/06/2018 12:37PM

Brenda Ajbour's grade six Humanities students had an opportunity to present their research findings in a unique way this Spring. In a fusion of language arts, history, art, library class, and a bit of technology, sixth graders worked in pairs to tackle the topics of immigration to the USA and migration within the USA. Some of the migration topics included the Trail of Tears, the Dust Bowl, the Great Migration, and Japanese Internment, while immigration topics spanned the 1850s to present day. In total, students could select from 15 migration and 30 immigration topics. Students were tasked with either turning their information into a historical fiction story that featured composite characters, or their research emerged through interactive projects that were presented to their classmates. Creative displays ranged from dioramas to board games, multi-generational journals, a graphic novella, original songs, PowerPoint presentations, spoken word, video games, and stop-action animation movies. Utilizing an "each one, teach one" concept, presentations were engaging, interactive, and functioned to make each individual student both an expert in their area of research while also fine-tuning their presentation skills. According to Brenda, "I am impressed with the breadth of the students' ingenious creations that bring history to life. Engaging them in games and stories that serve as points of entry into these topics will hopefully entice them to want to explore these waves more deeply."

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