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SCDS Team Places Second Overall in Youth Category at Lucerne Seafair's Milk Carton Derby
Posted 07/16/2019 08:27AM

Photo Credit: Michele W. 

On Saturday, July 13, six SCDS rising seventh graders competed in the 47th annual Lucerne Seafair's Milk Carton Derby on Green Lake.

These seafaring students--Abby H., Esme L., Luke H., Brady T., Maddie S., Zoe W., Anaise L., and Alice H.--first began building their boats in June, where they spent a week with SCDS parent Michele W. and former SCDS third grade teacher Duffy Lord designing, calculating, and constructing. A few of the derby requirements? Each boat needed to contain a minimum of 50 milk cartons; the primary flotation could only be the cartons; and they could only be human, not motor, powered. Students learned how to use power tools, considered what shape of boat would benefit their speed and durability, and calculated their weight and buoyancy in proportion to the milk cartons. 

The team Low-cow-motion, which constructed a boat resembling a Star Wars X-wing fighter, took first in their heat, while the team DejaMoo placed second with their hot dog boat. The third SCDS team, Udder Chaos, paddled alongside the pack on their rainbow(t), capturing the attention of local news photographers with their bright colors and bubble machine.

After the initial heat, Low-cow-motion and DejaMoo both qualified for the final race. Though one of the original paddlers of Low-cow-motion had left the venue, the two SCDS students paddling for DejaMoo, Willa L. and Katie C., invited the remaining Low-cow-motion teammate to join them on their hot dog boat. This spontaneously-formed team placed second place in the final heat.

Reflecting on the event, SCDS parent Michele W. said the activity was "a success in so many ways. The kids were very creative with their boat designs and decorations. They worked with a ton of power tools and had so much fun building and racing their boats, but one of the things that most impressed me was the incredible teamwork the kids displayed."

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