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“It’s important for my students to see me make mistakes. Gifted kids are notorious perfectionists. One of my biggest jobs is to teach them that they don’t have to have all the answers.” — An SCDS teacher

Not every educator has the aptitude or emotional fluency to meet the needs of the students we serve. Our faculty—many of whom have honed their skills over more than a decade at our school—have a gift for teaching and an extraordinary understanding of gifted children in particular. They not only love teaching—they love teaching here.

Visit our classrooms, and you’ll see right away that our teachers are conductors, tour guides, facilitators, and mentors. They set the tone and stage, posing questions and prompting explorations, then step back to gently guide students as they inquire and discover on their own.

Our teachers excel as instructors and are masters of the subjects they teach. Most hold advanced degrees and pursue academic research and other interests outside of their work with students—activities that keep their skills sharp, their imaginations fresh, and their passions engaged.

Our community provides our teachers with strong support for ongoing professional development and meeting their personal goals. Moreover, teachers here get the “breathing room” and manageable class sizes that enable them to work at their best, be creative in their work, and attend to the specific needs of every child.  

As one of our middle school teachers put it, “SCDS faculty have the freedom to do genuine teaching—teaching that’s fluid, organic, and not rigid. Teaching that is kid-driven, not driven by a standardized test.”

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