Social Emotional Learning:
It's not all academic

“The same first-grader who can multiply and divide and tell you about the Saxons will cry bitterly and feel utterly defeated because her shoe is untied.” — An SCDS teacher

Teaching gifted students requires more than simply providing adequate intellectual challenge. It’s equally crucial to address their unique social and emotional needs.

Gifted learners sometimes have traits that make it challenging for them to connect and interact with others. For example, some abstract thinkers can be so “in their heads” that they may seem socially awkward, or perceived as opinionated. If their peers can’t relate to them, they may become  alienated and lonely.

Many gifted children are perfectionists plagued by performance anxiety. They can also be intense—driven by their passions, with extraordinary emotional or physical sensitivity.

SCDS is truly a “safe space” for gifted kids where they can be themselves, and where they are surrounded not only by their peers, but also grownups who understand them. Our teachers are deeply familiar with the characteristics of gifted children. They seamlessly and nimbly accommodate their students’ social and emotional development in the course of everyday teaching. Through our Life Skills program, they teach children how to be a friend, negotiate conflict, and show respect for others.

Parents find emotional support here, too. Connecting with each other can be a great resource, and speakers and special presentations provide information and ideas for parenting a gifted child.

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