Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Seattle Country Day School (SCDS) website. By visiting, we hope you get a glimpse into what makes SCDS a unique "fit" for mission-appropriate students in grades K-8. [Why K-8?]

Since 1964, SCDS has focused on the distinct learning needs of our student population, needs that are no greater or lesser than those of others, only different.

Our mission informs our philosophy and how we approach teaching and learning. Our experienced faculty nurture students' inquisitiveness, guides their questions, and encourage their willingness to explore alternative paths to a solution. While we cover basic skills, our constructivist curriculum emphasizes projects, honors depth over breadth, and accentuates creative problem-solving. We challenge our students in age-appropriate ways.

Applying skills, knowledge, and ideas in new and generative ways differentiates us from most schools where highly capable students often perform traditional "seatwork" in the name of acceleration and convergent thinking.

At SCDS the use of inquiry helps tap a student's natural and intrinsic love of learning. If students don't know the "answer," their attitude is often, "Let's take this thing apart and find out more," or "Let's create our own solution." Students can be their genuine selves at SCDS. collaborating and learning with their peers. SCDS students have a true sense of belonging; they know they "fit in" and are understood here.   

We hope the website provides you with key information.
 As important, we hope it compels you to learn more about SCDS. I encourage you to contact us and visit campus to observe first hand our dynamic learning culture and community.

Michael G. Murphy
Head of School

Seattle Country Day

2619 4th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-284-6220 

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