Our Community

“Seattle Country Day School is a haven for gifted, creative, and artistic children and adults.” – Susan Daniels, PhD, editor of Living with Intensity and co-author of Raising Creative Kids

Seattle Country Day School has always been more than a facility for learning. From day one, we’ve been a connecting point for gifted students and the families and educators who believe such students learn best in a school that meets their needs. Today, that shared vision and palpable sense of togetherness is as strong as ever.

In our community, you’ll find support, understanding, and ideas. The friendships students and parents make here often last for life.

Of course, with community comes responsibility. A place like SCDS only works with the presence, commitment, and creativity of everybody who has a stake here. We benefit every day from smart, imaginative, energetic members of our community who believe in our mission and bring it to life.

Finally, we’re not an island unto ourselves. The world is an increasingly complex place and we believe we are cultivating the next generation of creative problem-solvers to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Seattle Country Day

2619 4th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-284-6220 

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