Our keys to learning

“I am impressed with the individual attention, caring, and parent involvement at Seattle Country Day School. It is a delightfully rigorous curriculum where learning is both challenging and fun.” – James T. Webb, PhD, Psychologist, author, and founder of Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

You expect a school for gifted children to offer a challenging curriculum. But it takes more than demanding material to meet the needs of these special learners.

The key to learning at our school is that everything here—our teaching philosophy, our classroom dynamics, and yes, our curriculum—is attuned to the voracious, independent, and sometimes idiosyncratic minds of
our students.

We know that gifted kids are rarely content with mere facts. They want to know why—they want to dig into the theories behind the information and to develop and test their own solutions. Gifted kids thrive on ideas. And once they’ve learned something, they can’t wait to find out what’s next.

From our curriculum to our inquiry-based approach to teaching, we encourage independent, critical, and creative thinking. We believe such thinking is crucial—not just for a gifted grade-schooler, but for anyone hoping to navigate and contribute meaningfully to a complex, technical, and information-saturated world.

Which is not to say we’ve dispensed with traditional teaching methods. Or that we believe every answer is right. We adhere to clear, high standards and expect our students to master their subject matter. But above all, we seek to instill in them the understanding that developing their own questions is at least as important as arriving at the right answer. 

Seattle Country Day

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Seattle, WA 98109
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