Inquiry-based teaching is a long-term investment, one that fosters the talents of young people who want to challenge and change the world around them. In 2016, SCDS decided to make another long-term investment: the creation of the Infinity Fund Endowment. With the help of insightful donors, Seattle Country Day School is building this endowment so that the school can support the education of future Wildcats.

The Infinity Fund Endowment was created to help meet three goals: to provide financial aid to serve the students who need it, to recruit, train, and retain excellent teachers, and to advance school programs, such as inquiry-based education, social-emotional learning, and more.

Please join our founding donors in making an investment in tomorrow’s students — in making an investment in the future. And if you would like more information, please contact the development office.

Students from Seattle Country Day standing on the steps outside the school while holding posters that spell out %22K-LIFE!%22