Get Involved

One of the wonderful aspects of SCDS is that it inspires a culture of generosity and giving.
In ways large and small, throughout the school there is a sense of gratitude for being part of a
community that cares deeply about its members.

- SCDS Parent

We think you’ll find that parents here are a lot like you. They’ve created households where a love of learning, critical thinking, and altruism are closely held values. Our students feel the positive impact of these principles. As one Intermediate School student put it, "There are a lot of kind people here, which makes you feel like you belong." 

If you would like to meet other parents and share your talents — all while contributing to a kind and inclusive community — consider volunteering for the school or the Parent Council. It's easy to learn more: Simply contact the school's development office. And thank you!

Community Generosity


volunteers donate their time in a typical year.


events propel the school forward in a typical year.


donors help SCDS students and programs thrive each year. 

Group photo of a SCDS fundraising event.